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Inconsolable, Inconsiderate, Undeniable

My heart does its own turnover at the sound.

Constant, desperate craving.
Yet you remain untouchable.

So I gazed at you from afar,
I never wanted to take you this far.
But this opportunity was too good to be true
It felt like nature’s own given cue.

Then, I knew
my search was over.

My long walk had ended-not in freedom, not in victory-
far from that.

With an element of pain,
I was met with reality
Such incredible yet perplexing anxiety

Like the clock ticked…
One, three, midnight, midday.
and now I hold the receiver in my hand
I stare at it
I smile.


Hemmed In

flower-picturesThat night.

That night when that somewhat unwanted feeling crept and stealthily found its way into my soul.

That night.

That night when that nostalgic fray of emotions suddenly swept through my being and decided to swallow my heart.

That night.

That night when my heart wandered around the forest and felt like the insects roaming-not free

That night

That night when loneliness suddenly decided to find me.