Heritage (2)

My thoughts were yielding results
I was starting to see my faults
I had thrown my heritage away
Trying to fit in today

Why I did this I do not know
Why I sit here today I still don’t know
The way ahead lies uncertain
But I know one thing’s for certain.

I need to go back to who I was
Embrace all my flaws
This is not who I am
The real me is hidden behind all the glam.

But society grants me no permit
It puts me in a fit
I still have to choose
Truth is I always think I have nothing to loose

Till the ball drops
And the clock stops
Then everything becomes clear
I need to hold my heritage dear




10 thoughts on “Heritage (2)”

  1. Esaaba this is amazing. I can really feel the emotions being evoked in the poems you write. Its exciting. I would love it if you could tell more things like this in parts so that you keep your readers hooked for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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