A calculated amassing of beats

A gorgeous cacophony of delighted streams of water

A rhythmic danceable tune

All skillfully choreographed by a mortal to bring joy and excitement to its listener.


Fingers twitch in tune to the beat as it drops

The blood flowing through the veins of the individual can’t help but bubble in delight

The feet gladly join in the celebration

This is finally crowned by a slight bobbing of the head




You can’t take it anymore

You can’t sit down and ignore

You can’t avoid the fact that your brain is being consumed

Consumed by the wonderful mixture being ushered in through your ears.


Your lips start to move suddenly

And you feel you wrote the song all on your own.


At that point it is confirmed,

Your soul is opened wide and is made receptive.


You relax and know

You know that for a few moments you are far

Far far away


In a distant world.






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