Unique Not Different

A few days ago my sister, who is at that stage in a person’s life where almost everything that happens around her will shape her perceptions about life, was feeling very unhappy and was close to tears. I approached her and asked her what the problem was. With a teary eye and slightly croaky voice she whispered “She said I am not normal.” Apparently, someone, in their quest to insult her had told her that she was not normal.

I sat down staring at her now tear stained face for a while, wondering what to tell her to help lighten her mood. I thought for a while and finally figured what to say. “So why are you crying?” I asked. “Don’t you know she has insulted me” she replied. “Well, it is not really an insult. She was just telling you how unique you are but she just didn’t know it. Next time when someone tells you that you are not normal, or not correct, remember that they are saying how unique you are and not insulting you.” I told this to my sister without really realizing the impact of what I had said. I didn’t know the impact I had made on her until much later when I sat down and remembered the incident.

This incident taught me a huge lesson. In our day to day interactions with people, they will say things which may hurt us, or bring us down or even move us to tears. However the effects anything will have on an individual will depend solely on their perspective. My sister made her situation affect her. She did not think about the words the person said critically before reacting. Sure, we are not normal but who cares? You are unique, you are exceptional. You were fearfully and wonderfully made and that’s all that matters.

It is high time we taught our children, friends, siblings and everyone in general how to love and respect themselves. We have to teach them to be positive and to see themselves as who God sees them to be. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God. He took his time to make you and me. He created you and gave you many special abilities. Therefore you are unique, you are not weird or inhuman, you are really outstanding and you need to learn to accept that about yourself.

As always, this is my opinion, expressed and not suppressed.



The Prayer

The prayer I said was one of desperation.

The prayer I said was one filled with anguish.

The prayer I said was one filled with sorrow.

The prayer I said was bottled with emotion.


The prayer I said was one no one would understand.

The prayer I said was one without sound.

The prayer I said was one filled with a longing.

The prayer I said was one I filled with my tears.


My prayer was not meant to harm.

My prayer was my own form of fighting back.

My prayer was meant to appease my wondering soul.

My prayer was meant to purge my broken heart.