Years ago I was born.

A bubbling child from the start, I gave my parents peace at heart.

I started to grow, started to undergo,

Anything in print, I was sure to know.
Very soon I begun to discover,

There was so much more I could render.

I made the pen my friend,

The paper always consumed to the very end.

My mind was my globe…my heart was my hope.
I wanted to give back.

I wanted to be the bark.

I wanted to be rested upon

When weariness caused the world to be worn.
So I write and always will.

This is my life, one filled with will.

I know you are blessed because I am

But thank you all the same you are the reason for my gifted hands.


For  Mr.Aristotle – Onassis Kwame Kudjoe – Agbledzo.