Father’s Day

Here Is A Father’s Day Rant From Me….

On father’s day, I decided to take a glance on some social media platforms and imagine my surprise. I was expecting a flood of happy father’s day posts and several sincerely adorable pictures of fathers with their children as had been the case on mother’s day. Well I was DISSAPOINTED.

Now please do not get me wrong, I am not a big fan of people openly displaying affection (whether false or true) on social media. However, I strongly feel that fathers are not getting a lot of appreciation. Fine, I can hear some of you say that well he did not carry the child for nine months or endure the pain of childbirth. Guess what, some women did but are not even mothering the children.

Some men deserve a big thumbs up for all their efforts. They are not only fathers but they are the best dads ever. They are there with their wives every step of the way. They love their children more than life and stick with them all the way. Why do mothers have to get all the praise all the time just because of the physical pain. How about the single fathers who have to work odd hours just to take care of their children? How about all the men who genuinly have the intersest of their families at heart and will go through whatever it takes to make sure they are safe? I am not trying to belittle the efforts of our wonderful mothers I am just saying that we should all stop this behaviour of celebrating mums and ignoring dads.

Fathers are special. They are very important and so they deserve to be honoured. Just because one man did you wrong and probably left you miserable for a while does not mean that all men are the same. There still are men who will cook for you, do the dishes, take care of the children and comfort their families in general, while keeping their busy job schedules. There still are men who will do all these things and more and that does not mean they are “sissys” they are men, they are fathers, they are DADS and that’s what they do.

So please, the next time we celebrate father’s day, lets hail our fathers, lets make a lot of noise about them. Lets celebrate them not only on social media but in real life. Infact don’t wait till it’s father’s day. CELEBRATE YOUR FATHER TODAY!!!

Once again, this is my opinion expressed and not suppressed.







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