Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.

This expression is rather very true. Every individual is allowed to have an opinion. Yes! It’s a basic human freedom after all, freedom of speech. This is not a problem at all.

In recent times the issue of freedom of speech and power to express one’s opinion is becoming rather “over glorified… (IN MY OPINION). Fine, you have an opinion. Okay let’s hear it. You share it… the problem comes in now.

The problem is simple, it’s usually overlooked but its real. This huge problem I am talking about is basically about JUDGING people. In the quest to express opinions some individuals turn to express harsh judgements on issues which are sometimes really none of their business. Oh Yes! I said it. I said what you have been trying to avoid. That thought that you have been forcefully trying to elude from your mind has been laid bare. Too many people are turning into judges.

Every individual has faults. Of course, some individuals will say, that’s just human nature. If you consent with the fact that we all have faults, then why judge? Why will you want to make an individual feel bad about something which they already don’t feel so proud of? Why will anybody decide to turn themselves into a huge judge and go around judging everybody? Excuse me, but let me just remind you that you are not perfect. No one is supposed to consider themselves as being better than somebody because they sin differently from them. The fact that you steal a pen does not make you less of a sinner because someone else murdered. The fact that you feel that no one has seen you doesn’t mean you have done no wrong. The point is that nobody is perfect, no one can be and no one will be. Why can’t we just accept that the way it is?

Okay that is enough for now and I am sorry if it feels like I am lashing out or I am being too harsh. I just feel it was about time I addressed this issue of “mis-expressed opinions” because it is just too much. I am definitely tired of it and I know we all are too.

Remember, don’t think you are in a good position to judge someone because you sin differently from them. All sin is sin.