Here’s an Easter rant from me…..

Time for a rant, I think. My posts have been too boring and nice, lately. Easter. Where do you stand on this Christian festival? Do you think it should be holy and religious, as intended? Or should…

Source: Here’s an Easter rant from me…..

2 thoughts on “Here’s an Easter rant from me…..”

  1. Most children are still learning about the real meaning of Easter and to most of them it is first Spring vacation and a joyful time of Easter egg hunting, picnics,big family dinner, nevertheless, I think it should remain a Sacred Holiday because it is the most scared holiday of the year other than Christmas the day he was born. When you think of how he was hung on the cross, abused, scorned, for or transgressions you can’t help but to follow the sacred rules of the Resurrection holiday. It should remain as is a religious holiday and should be respected…

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