Friendship a sinking ship(1)


Days gone by,


I lie in bed

Just waiting for the moment of truth.


Minutes pass…

One, five, fifteen…


I pick my cellphone

Now the only connection I have to the rest of the world

I check my messages.



Wow! I whisper to myself.

So no one will at least text to enquire about a sister.

Well, that’s fine I suppose.


I feel hurt,

I feel sad.

This whole new friendship phenomenon

It makes me mad.


“Friends” whose friendships end the moment they walk out the door.

“Friends” who really can’t be bothered to know you more.

“Friends” who just tend to ignore.


But well, that’s just my view…



Not suppressed.





Hemmed In

flower-picturesThat night.

That night when that somewhat unwanted feeling crept and stealthily found its way into my soul.

That night.

That night when that nostalgic fray of emotions suddenly swept through my being and decided to swallow my heart.

That night.

That night when my heart wandered around the forest and felt like the insects roaming-not free

That night

That night when loneliness suddenly decided to find me.